Rob Winkel, Senior Consultant Sustainable Transport, Ecofys Netherlands B.V.


Rob has extensive experience more than 15 years experience in Sustainable Transport. He has detailed knowledge about policy, production and end-use related aspects of fuels, engines, exhaust after-treatment systems and vehicles/ships using advanced motor fuels.

He is the coordinator of the activities regarding vehicle technology: emission and energy consumption reduction at the sustainable transport department. His specialist interests include: – Transport policy & strategy analysis & development – Development of low carbon, energy efficient (public) transport systems – Accelerated introduction of energy efficient vehicles and vehicles running on alternative fuels – Financial and environmental analysis of sustainable mobility.

On September 20th, Rob will give a presentation about:

“BioLNG regulations and its correlation to trucks and marine applications”

The current rise of LNG as an alternative cleaner fuel for trucks and ships fits well with more stringent rules on emissions, and the strong price increase of conventional bunker fuels. However, the shipping industry is one step behind the aviation sector to be confronted with an ETS system in Europe to reduce carbon emissions. Biofuels, in this case bioLNG, can be the solution for the industry to meet these obligations and not only reduce (SOx/NOx) emissions but also reduce the carbon footprint.

Rob Winkel, sustainable transport expert at Ecofys, will explain how bioLNG for ships and trucks links to regulations such as the biofuels obligation in the Renewable Energy Directive, the emission rules in ECA zones and the Fuel Quality Directive. We will share lessons learned from the use of biofuels in the whole fuel supply chain in the automotive, as well as the effects of ETS on aviation.